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loosely based on Konfuzius &
Gertrude Stein

Above all, my approach is intended to find solutions, but it also takes into consideration the client’s biography and current environment. Together, we focus on the problems and on possible ways of dealing more effectively with those problems. Targets and visions, as well as the competing forces, are approached with experience, prudence, common sense and humour.

In the course of the cooperation, we bring to light “ingrained” patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling. New, sometimes daring, ways of thinking are acted out and valid paths to solutions are developed.

Using proven methods individually adapted to each client, it is possible to try out various approaches to apply in practice. Feedback facilitates a continuous process of self-development and supports the cohesive everyday implementation. If requested, customised “homework” is offered for the time between sessions.

Step-by-step, and at your own pace, you can make important changes or achieve a more stable state.

Dorothée Janssens de Bisthoven - Certified psychologist (MSc) • Rue de la Tourelle 23 • 1040 Bruxelles (0)493 14 21 81

Consultation times and the fees due are arranged in advance.
The fee will be billed immediately following an appointment.

If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will still be billed for the session. For a short-term cancellations (24 to 48 hours notice) you will be charge 50% of the fee.
No fees will be charged if you cancel an appointment at least two days in advance (i.e. more than 48 hours notice), for example by text message.

Your personal information and the content of the consultations are subject to professional confidentiality. If you would like your data to be passed to a third party (e.g. to your general practitioner), you can release me of the duty of confidentiality in writing.

Depending on the context and duration (individual, couple or family therapy), the fees are in line with the typical rates for an experienced professional in this country.
In general, consultations are of 45-50 minutes duration.
You can discuss in advance with your medical insurer the extent to which they are willing to pay the costs of psychotherapy in Belgium. (As a rule, couple therapy is not covered.)

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